Small copper (Lycaena phlaeas) seen feeding on the last of the ragwort in The Race on Sunday morning and photographed by DKG. Its vivid colours and pristine condition suggest it is new- hatched. Beautiful.

small copper

More butterflies:

small tortoiseshell

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  1. A striking little butterfly. One has visited our garden In Blind Lane over the past few days, the first time I have ever seen one here. It spends much of it’s time on the late blue flowers of Ceanothus Gloire de Versailles which also seems very popular with bees. When they gets to close this little butterfly flashes it’s bright orange and black wings to warn them off.

    1. One of the casualties of our battle with ragwort may well be these late nectar feeders. There are other late bloomers in the park, notably fleabane, but we are considering planting late-flowering species to replace ragwort’s rich resources of nectar and pollen.

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