Criminal damage

The bench by the decorated bridge has been damaged and will probably have to be replaced. One of the supports has been snapped right off. There is no sign of rot in the wood; it must have taken considerable force to achieve. A bench like this one, and its installation, costs £500.

damaged bench of the supports has been snapped right off…

We are trying to find out exactly when the damage happened. It was reported to us and the police early on Sunday morning but we believe it took place on Saturday afternoon.

Can any of the following  people help us establish a timetable for this crime: a group of four or five boys who were sitting on the bench early in the afternoon; a lady (with a small white dog) who spoke to the boys while they were there; a young family who helped pick up litter from under the bench near the car park sometime between 3.00pm and 4.00pm? The weather was fine so there were many people walking with their children and their dogs in the park. Somebody surely saw something.

If anybody saw anything that would help us pinpoint when the damage took place or identify the perpetrators, or if anybody took photographs that afternoon that they think might contain relevant information, please contact us ( or the police (

This is criminal damage, the fourth case in a summer-long series that we suspect has been committed by a single group of people. Please help to stop this.


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  1. I think I might be the lady with the small white dog. The dog went to the boys on the bench and I went to collect the dog. Three of them were sitting on the bench so I don’t think it was broken at that point. I saw the boys that evening on Frome Rd near the little Tesco store.

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