WHSAP public consultation

Wiltshire Council has finally opened a consultation portal  on the proposed changes to the draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan. The consultation period will last for six weeks; it began on Thursday, 27th September and will end on Friday, 9th of November.

Click on the link above: after some introductory paragraphs, the document will offer you  seven links, the first of which leads to a drop down menu of documents. The Schedule of Proposed Changes to the draft WHSAP is at the top of the list; it is 60 pages long but without a contents page.

If, like the Friends, you are concerned for the sites that abut the Lambrok, you need pages 28 to 31; if not, you will have to leaf through the document’s 60 pages guided by a rough alphabetical order. Each proposed change has a reference number beginning with PC; note the reference number of anything you are going to comment on because the council has made some fairly strict rules about what it will include in this consultation and what it will not.

We would also recommend the Habitat Regulation Assessment and the Sustainability Appraisal as companion volumes. They are both large documents but they do have contents pages. These documents will give you some idea of how the sites were assessed and why the changes were made.

There is an email address, spatialplanningpolicy@wiltshire.gov.uk, for which you are recommended to download and use the specific representation form  under Supporting Documents, right down at the bottom of the page where it says Start Survey in friendly pale blue letters with a reassuring cartoon of a clipboard.

You can write to Spatial Planning, Economic Development & Planning, Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8JN; there is also a useful telephone number (01225 713223) if you need somebody to interpret the rules or if you get lost in Wiltshire Council’s website. The Council would prefer you to comment online; you will need to register, or log in if you are already registered. It looks as if you will need a separate page for each proposed change you comment on.

FoSCP will make representations as an organisation, voicing our concerns for Lambrok Stream and its biodiversity.


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