HDR Photography

A Brief Description by DKG

The human eye can adjust for shadows and highlights automatically, unfortunately cameras cannot. So HDR is used to reveal the details that are lost in the shadows and highlights by merging the different exposures together into a single image. If not done correctly though, this technique can lead to images that are over processed.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a process of taking a photo of the same scene, usually 3 or 5 or even 7 images at different exposure values. These can be +1 or +2 of exposure to produce a greater dynamic range of luminosity. In most scenarios 3 images are usually enough to produce the results required. The first image will expose for dark areas, the second for the mid-tones and the third for the highlights.

Most DSLRs today have a dedicated button for auto exposure bracketing (AEB) which allows the user to set the number of frames and exposure between each shot. Even phones today are capable of producing HDR images.

A tripod is preferable so as not to move the camera between shots or your images will not align when post processing. The images are then stitched together using software. Photoshop is very popular, either CC or Elements for example. There are also several dedicated HDR software programmes available today which makes it easier to process your images. Aurora HDR is I feel the best especially the 2019 version.

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More of DKG’s pictures:

Autumn Leaves by DKGMisty morning 25.09.2018 by DKG_DKG0852

3 thoughts on “HDR Photography

  1. Some beautiful photographs and interesting to learn how you took them but a bit beyond me! I’m new to photography so still experimenting, for years I was put off because being left handed I found it hard to hold the camera still and take a photo using my right hand.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Glad you liked the photos. Don’t be put off for being left handed, I’ll let you into a little secret but don’t tell anyone else, I too am left handed.

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