WHSAP – report submitted

Today, FoSCP submitted the report of their objections to the Schedule of Changes to the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation plan. The plan proposes that land at Church Lane, Upper Studley and Southwick Court should be made available for development; we believe that development  at these sites will damage the ecology of Lambrok Stream and subsequently the ecology of the park.

We have put our report on the website; it is long and technical but worth reading if you care about the future of the park. You can find it on the main menu: Menu > About us > WHSAP – FoSCP submission or you can click on this link.

The period of consultation ends on Friday 9th at 5pm. If you feel strongly about the proposed housing sites please make your feelings known on the Consultation Portal. We are quite happy for you to use the data in our report to support your own submission.

In collecting and collating the data and information on the park, we were startled to find exactly how many rare and vulnerable species live there. A census of findings and sightings has been kept for many years but perhaps this has been the first time we have had to look at them with a systematic and analytical eye.

scarce chaser 2

All the posts on Wiltshire’s Housing Plan are tagged WHSAP.

Picture of a water vole by Peter Trimming

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  1. Well done! a very comprehensive report. I have quoted data and a number of points from your report in my own letter, thank you. Barbara.

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