Kingfishers come to the park regularly. Many people associate them with rivers and are surprised to see them here, fishing in our little streams.

They are always smaller than you think, really no bigger than a sparrow, so they are looking for little fish; sticklebacks are a favourite and we have plenty. They need a perch over shallow, clear, slow-moving or still  water and the Lambrok can provide all that.

Despite their sequinned colours, kingfishers are shy; gone in a blue flash. Simon Handley, frustrated wildlife photographer, sent this:

where the kigfisher was Simon Hnadley

Dear FoSCP,

Thought you might be interested to know that I saw the elusive Kingfisher this morning whilst out walking my dogs. I’ve attached a photo of where it was perched (far side of the sluice by the pond) but I was just too late to capture it. That’s twice I’ve missed it now – the other time being last Summer.

Kind regards


I think we all have pictures of places like this, Simon; somewhere that the wildlife just left. Don’t give up though, kingfishers are creatures of habit and, if the sluice provided a good perch for fishing, he will be back.

If anybody has had better luck with our kingfishers we would love to see the pictures.


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