Wednesday work party


Apologies but only a few photos from Wednesday’s work party. A Collared Dove enjoying the early morning sun and a Dunnock in a bramble bush, the latter not very sharp.

Unfortunately we were a few volunteers short today, so a couple of todays tasks were not completed. Those that we did complete included, the removal of earth and levelling the area next to the new kissing gate at the allotment entrance. This will allow the users of mobility scooters to manoeuvre their vehicles whilst operating the gate using their radar key.

Clive using his super saw, removed several tree stumps from the copse in the Race, although these were not on a designated thoroughfare they have been cut to ground level. Dog bins have been cleared of overgrown growth in the allotment area and walkways into the race have been cut back/clear of overgrowing brambles.

The drains that feed ditch water into the pond at puddle corner have been unblocked and a deep channel has been dug to drain the residual water from the ditch. Hopefully this will prevent future flooding of this area, we will keep the area monitored after any heavy rain fall.

And more bags of the usual litter dropped by park users have been cleared thanks to Pat.

New FoSCP high-vis vests

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  1. Well done! I’m sure we are all grateful for all you do to keep the park in order and looking good, thank you.

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