Another Church Lane planning submission

RPS, acting for a named client, has submitted an outline planning application for the Church Lane site. The Wiltshire Council reference number for the application is 18/10035/OUT.  This morning, searching with this reference produced this result:

Here is a link to a page with a little more information but not much; this is an outline plan that we are not going to be allowed to see. Residents whose property borders the proposed site were informed of the submission but it seems to have received little wider publicity.

Since the above link was published, it has been pointed out to us  that the planning documents are available on the page, top right, as a download. Our apologies for misleading you.  Ed.

The map that accompanies the submission (there is a screenshot below) highlights only the upper part of the site and does not include the bank or the flood plain of the Lambrok Stream whereas the speculative plan RPS put forward to residents in the summer ran right down to the stream’s edge.

FoSCP tried to make clear to RPS that the stream was of ecological importance and that proper Environment Agency standard buffering and attenuation would be needed to prevent run off into the stream. There are protected species living there; run off from a building site or a residential development would be distastrous.

Shifting the plan thirty metres uphill and leaving the stream’s flood plain in its previous ownership will not alter the sites incline or absolve RPS (or the developers for whom they are acting) from their responsibilty to the environment or to the legislation that protects it.

We have until December 14th to comment; please join us in securing the future of Lambrok Stream and Southwick Country Park. Our submission to the Secretary of State’s Inspector commenting on the Proposed Changes to Wiltshire’s Housing Site Allocation Plan is still on the website here or in the main menu: >About us >WHSAP-FoSCP’s Submission. Please make use of it, if you feel its details will support your comments.

Here is a link to an article online that seems to know more than we have been told; it also seems to imply that RPS are worryingly sure about the outcome of the WHSAP examination.

2 thoughts on “Another Church Lane planning submission

  1. I’ve just looked at the details of this application on the Wiltshire Council Planning Application website. It does show a plan of the ‘up to 65’ homes proposed for the site.

    I will read all the documents as soon as I can. I am going to an Operational Flood Working Group Meeting tommorow when I planned to put Suzanne’s species and water quality information to the Environment Agency representive. If you have any other questions let me know. I’ll see what other arguments I can find against this plan.

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