Church Lane site update

The decision on the planning application (18/10035/OUT) to develop the Church Lane site was due to be made yesterday, Wednesday Feb 6th, but has been delayed. The target date for a decision is now Monday April 1st.

RPS, who made the planning application for landowner Mrs Judith Parry, requested an extension to allow time to deal with issues raised by a number of consultation responses. Their letter can be seen here.

A confidential source has told FoSCP that questions may have been raised about the Preliminary Ecological Appraisal that RPS submitted with its application. This is the PEA that we found so alarmingly inaccurate and responded to in December, and again in a letter to the Case Officer in January.

We spoke to the Senior Planning Officer, Eileen Medlin, yesterday and were told that Wiltshire Council has yet to submit their own ecological assessment of the site. This is worrying.

FoSCP are looking for funding so that we can purchase an ecological survey of that stretch of Lambrok Stream that runs through our park. This will be an expensive two or three days work by professionals but we feel it is the only way we have to protect the stream; the inaccuracies of RPS’s PEA and Wiltshire’s failure to produce, as yet, an ecological report suggest that the Lambrok’s biota is not high on anybody’s agenda bar our own.

Unfortunately, further assessment of the stream as it runs down from Southwick Court, Southwick Court’s moat and Southwick Village will be far beyond our small means. We feel, though, that this is an important ecological feature that Wiltshire should properly assess before irreparable damage is done to the wildlife of the green space between Trowbridge and Southwick.

We will try to keep you abreast of developments in the future. Let’s hope that, if the decision is made on All Fools’ Day, we are the ones left laughing.

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    1. Agreed; it has also been suggested to me by a fairly reliable informant that this might be the start of an attempt to delay the decision beyond the WHSAP decision (public hearings in April). If the allocation of the site is okayed, it is sure to boost the chances of any planning application.

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