Dog poop

Please clean up after your dog

Lambrok Meadow is full of dog waste; people seem to drive to the bottom of the car park, let their dogs straight out into the field and then just walk away while the dog defecates in the grass. It is impossible to walk in the field without walking in dog poop.

Southwick Country Park is a public space, a resource for our families and for local schools. It comes under the same rules as the Town Park and should be open and accessible for everybody to enjoy – but we have had complaints from people because they get dog poop on their clothes and shoes.

Nobody wants to limit anybody’s access to the park but the selfishness of some dog walkers is doing just that; there are families who no longer bring their children here because of the dog poop.

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  1. I think there are professional dog walkers who come into the park at the allotment end with lots of dogs. I have counted eight with one woman and I don’t think she picked up after any of them.
    Do dog walkers have to have a licence from the council to run their business in the park?

    1. No, there is no requirement for a licence to run a dog walking business on Wiltshire County property but perhaps there should be. We have had complaints about large groups of dogs, off-lead and not really under control; people get frightened, particularly if they are not used to dogs or if they have small children with them.

  2. It is horrible in Lambrok Meadow near the car park. If the sun is shining you can smell the dog poo as soon as you get out of the car.

  3. Maybe it’s time for some covert filming with the go pro. Film these idiots and post their actions online, that will embarrass them.

  4. That’s fine, let them come forward to complain. The local authority can then slap them with 100.00 fine Ha Ha. although knowing our lot in County Hall they won’t have the balls…..

  5. Here’s someone that films those who do not pick their dog mess. Also interesting is the quote, “The police say it is not illegal for me to do this – it’s just like having a CCTV camera – and they will look at any evidence I give them and may issue an £80 fine”

    I’m on holiday in a few weeks and the go-pro is longing to capture these so called DOG Lovers., watch this space.

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