Sarah’s report to Southwick Village News

By Sarah Marsh

Over the last couple of months, the Friends have been busy tidying the main Car Park area along with the help of some contractors. They came at the beginning of February and cleared the bank between the car park and the Lambrok Meadow. This area was very overgrown with bramble and ivy and the contractors took down some Mahonia bushes and large Willow. Once that area was clear the Friends spent a morning planting whips (provided by the Woodland Trust) and some larger Hazel bushes which had been given a year ago. The whips comprised Hazel, Hawthorn, Elder, Crab Apple and Dogwood, so quite a mixture of all native plants, which is the long term aim of the Friends to try to keep to native species. Parts of the railings around the car park and along the entrance road have been repaired or replaced where necessary.

The high volume of traffic coming into and out of the Park has resulted in some of the fencing being knocked over and broken which makes extra work for the Friends. The sunny weather leading up to Half Term week and the week itself saw unusually high numbers of visitors. This was partly due to the Hope Nature Centre re-opening and revamping their café and while we encourage visitors we would like to see some more courtesy with parking. Several complaints have been received about irresponsible parking and abusive behaviour and I hope visitors realise that without the Friends they would be charged for parking in the Park. Lets keep it friendly please.

One of the most pleasing times in the Park is when the Spring flowers appear and so far this year we have seen large clumps of snowdrops, primroses and daffodils. The native daffodils planted around the Village Green area are showing now and will over time multiply to give a really good display.

Photographs from our archive

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