Stake out!

DKG has found a pair of blue tits examining a nest hole in an oak in one of the copses near the allotments. He and his camera are going to stake out the tree and, if the birds nest there, record their every move.

The oak isn’t in leaf yet, though the birds seem to have found something to eat in these pictures. Blue tits don’t usually hatch their brood until the caterpillars of the winter moth have hatched and the caterpillars don’t usually hatch until the oak is in leaf. It’s a bit of a balancing act made even more precarious by the vagaries of our changing climate.

A pair of blue tits looked at this nest hole last year, it may even have been the same pair. They began furnishing it but April’s blast of arctic cold from the east put them off and they abandoned it, probably to rear a later brood in another site nearby.

Watch this space.

Photographs by DKG

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