Work Party Report

by DKG

Another beautiful sunny day greeted the volunteers meeting in the car park for today’s tasks, assisted by Richard from the Countryside Team. Quite a few tasks were highlighted and most, if not all, were completed by the end of the morning. These included;

Checking puddle corner and rodding out the pipes and removing stones from the drain; work carried out previously appears to have worked with no flooding from recent rainfall. (Afraid we have no photos of Jamie modelling the waders) 

Checking and clearing the inner area of the ephemeral pond near the allotments, a large area of dead brambles was cleared back to prevent encroachment into the water by Clive and Dave. A small amount to complete at the next meet up.

The path edge near puddle corner has been trimmed back of encroaching grass, mud & soil has also been removed from the main path. This was hard work but ably carried out by Frank and later assisted by Clive after his work around the pond. Treading down ruts caused by works vehicles was also completed.

Suzanne and Ian planted cowslips at the bottom of Kestrel Field, and were joined by the others to plant sedge around the pond. Pat our champion litter picker has done a grand job once again clearing the usual rubbish discarded in the park; maybe using the litter bins would be good idea?

Sarah & Alan had the enjoyable task of removing a tent and other debris, amongst other tasks.
We were joined today by Councillor Horace Prickett, this was for the planting of a WW1 Memorial Oak in Simpsons Field.
More hawthorns were planted at the entrance.

When we retuned to the car park, we found that somebody had parked a big 4×4 on top of the pile of fillings we use to repair the holes in the car park. We will now need to use a  pickaxe to loosen the fillings so that we can fill the wheelbarrows. The Friends of Southwick Country Park took on the maintenance of the car park so that visitors would be able to park free of charge; a little co-operation would help.


Photographs by DKG, Richard Murphy and Suzanne Humphries

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