The blue tits have been seen at their nest. There was a message from DKG yesterday afternoon:

Some good news: after I had waited nearly twenty minutes near the nest site and was about to walk away, a blue tit entered the nest and left soon afterwards. Unfortunately I did not have the tripod with me and I had missed the shot by the time I had the camera to my eye. The bird arrived back again after another twenty minutes or so minutes, so hopefully all is well. Perhaps the female is sitting and this is the male feeding her.
Hopefully, I will get back over the week-end.

Pictures by DKG

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    1. While the female is laying an egg a day, the birds spend long periods away from the nest. We misinterpreted the signs; we’ll do better next time.

  1. I am ridiculously pleased to hear this. Let’s hope the female bird is sitting on a dozen eggs.

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