WHSAP hearings finished

Tuesday 16th April was the date of the final session of public hearings on the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan Examination; it was held at the Civic Centre in Trowbridge.

The day was spent on arguments for and against the inclusion or exclusion of sites at Market Lavington and Crudwell; then the Inspector, Stephen Lee, drew the hearing to a close. He gave a very short summary of the three weeks’ worth of evidence placed before him and the assurance that it will all be taken into his consideration. He said that no more written representations would be admitted unless with his permission or at his request. He thanked everybody for their courtesy.

Mr Lee gave very little indication as to how his judgement will fall; his exact words were that he had no conclusions or formal advice for us at that time. The implication seemed to be that informal advice had been given to, and accepted by, Wiltshire Council as to the legal soundness of their application: he asked if the council intended to make the advised main modifications and textual clarifications before or after his initial response. The council replied that they will wait on his response.

Mr Lee’s initial response to the Examination will be delivered to Wiltshire Council on May 9th; it was not clear if that response will be made public but when the Easter Holidays are over, we will ask the planning department. The fact that there will be an initial response suggests that there is to be a timetable of responses and subsequent adjustments to the WHSAP before any final judgement is made.

We will try to stay abreast of developments and keep you informed.

The Civic Centre, Trowbridge

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