Part two of Ian’s walk

After he had polished the mud off his glasses, Ian Bushell continued his survey of the park:

I went looking for butterflies after finding the bullhead. The conditions should have been fairly good: Temp 26C, overcast, little or no breeze, grass still uncut. There were Meadow Browns in good numbers in all the fields.  In The Old Pond at the far end of Lambrok Meadow: Ringlet and Large Skipper, one of each.  There were several Speckled Woods throughout the park.

At The Dog Pond there were quite a few Common Blue Damselfly and a Broad-bodied Chaser, these were also seen well away from the pond.”

Thank you Ian. The ringlet is a new name for our 2019 Butterfly List; the twelfth species this year. While the number of species is slowly accumulating, the numbers of individual butterflies, except in the case of meadow browns, has been very low for June.

Let’s hope July will be a good month for butterflies and Odonata.

Here is one of last year’s butterflies:

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