Mail from DKG

” Took these early this morning whilst the butterflies were still resting. A Gatekeeper and one other which may be a Meadow Brown or may not. There were so many of them in The Triangle near the picnic area.”

The Chiffchaff was in full song, look carefully and you will see some midges just above his head, he had his eye on those for breakfast.”


When DKG says early in the morning, that is exactly what he means; most of these photographs were taken at six o’clock this morning while you and I were still asleep.

Another walk in the park with DKG:

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  1. I tried to photograph a painted lady butterfly in the garden yesterday but getting a good photo is harder than it seems! Catching the butterfly against the right background before it moves again can be very difficult!.

    1. I managed to photograph, in the park, enough of a painted lady (half a wing and a pair of legs) for Ian to identify it; you have to be a really good photographer to take good pictures of butterflies.

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