Another Wednesday Workparty

by DKG

The FoSCP met up on Wednesday in the car park at 09:30 for the day’s tasks with Countryside Officer Alison. A dry start made a change and thankfully this was how it remained  for the morning, although a shower or two had been forecast.

A large pothole was repaired by Ian and Frank near the entrance to Hope Nature Centre, with Alison, who had brought along the required tools and fillings.

As we had our near usual number of volunteers, there was a concerted effort by the remainder of the team to get as much done as possible. We proceeded to the bottom area of the arboretum, where two conifer trees were planted back in the 80’s and have since been surrounded by hawthorn and brambles etc. The area was cleared a couple of years ago but with so many other things requiring our attention throughout the park, it had quickly overgrown again.

By coffee time the area had been cleared and the trees were visible. Some further work continued afterwards in the Arboretum with Ian, Dave and Frank (McVitie) removing blackthorn, hawthorn and young ash saplings which had seeded too close to the mature trees.

Clive, Trish, Suzanne and Louise, Sarah and Alan went on to the main path leading from the small bridge to the dog pond. Work here involved removing lower branches and making more headroom for those walking the path.  

Pat, our litter picking champion did her usual grand job collecting the usual detritus deposited by some of our of our generous visitors.

All observed by a curious robin.

Another work party:

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