Baby Squirrel

Dear FoSCP,
Thought you’d like these photos of a juvenile squirrel discovered in the park yesterday. I think it was probably ground feeding as there were no signs of injury and he scampered up the nearest tree after a brief look around! Lovely little chap 😊
Kind  regards 
Simon Handley 

Pictures by Simon Handley

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  1. Yes it is smaller than any other young squirrels I’ve seen. We used to see three squirrels in our garden but now we only see one. Is something happening to them I wonder? Perhaps this baby has lost it’s mother?

  2. There were a couple of reported sightings of polecats in 2017/8. One was near the Southwick sign at the Frome end of the Village and the other was in the field behind Blind Lane. I live bordering the field behind Blind Lane so that could be a possibility!

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