Baby Squirrel

Dear FoSCP,
Thought you’d like these photos of a juvenile squirrel discovered in the park yesterday. I think it was probably ground feeding as there were no signs of injury and he scampered up the nearest tree after a brief look around! Lovely little chap 😊
Kind  regards 
Simon Handley 

Pictures by Simon Handley

We disapprove highly of anthropomorphism but have to admit that DKG has named this frequently photographed squirrel Cyril.

Blatant vandalism

Caught in the act, a grey squirrel stripping bark from a willow tree near the footbridge into Village Green; spotted, photographed and chased away by Ian Bushell

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Nesting time for our squirrels

Grey squirrels are building nests at this time of year. A squirrel’s nest is an untidy ball of sticks that looks so haphazard that you might wonder if it arrived there by accident: snapped twigs and dead leaves blown by the winter’s storm winds. It’s called a drey.

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Oak trees produce thousands of acorns every year. Somebody has worked out that an oak tree can produce ten million acorns over its lifetime. In a good year, they carpet the ground under the tree.

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Grey squirrel invaders

The park’s grey squirrels are invasive aliens, brought here during the 19th Century, when the possession of rare and exotic species of plants and animals was the height of fashion. Grey squirrels, native to eastern North America, were first released into the wild in Britain, at Henbury Park, in Cheshire, in 1876.

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