Most of the reserve’s grey squirrels will have two litters of young this year. The first litter was born in the spring, and is now ready to be weaned in preparation for leaving the nest and the care of their mother. Here is a video of a family of young squirrels, on the edge of independence, trying to persuade their mother to feed them.

Header image by DKG

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  1. Love them or hate them, baby squirrels are very entertaining! Yesterday evening we watched as a buzzard was repeatedly mobbed over the Blind Lane fields by several seagulls and what appeared to be a sparowhawk. This continued for some time until only the sparowhawk remained. It continued to swoop down and pecked the buzzard!

    1. It’s always interesting to see smaller birds react to the really big birds of prey. I have seen a pair of song thrushes drive a buzzard away.

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