Wet Wednesday

Only two tasks for the Friends of Southwick Country Park this week: spreading woodchip on the path through the Blackthorn Tunnel and cutting back the set-aside on the northern edge of Village Green.

Task number one:

Frank and Clive contemplate an enormous pile of wood chippings, which soon attracts a couple of enthusiastic extra helpers.

While Sarah and Frank run a shuttle service of wheelbarrows up and down the path and Louise rakes chippings . . .

. . . Pat, our champion litter picker, works her way around the park, picking up after the people who must think that the cans they throw away just vanish in a puff of smoke.

Coffee time is by the stream, in the rain, with Jammy Dodgers and Hobnobs to fuel the last frantic hour of shovelling, shuttling and raking.

All done; and Louise provides the before and after pictures.

Header picture: FoSCP huddle out of the rain in the shelter of the gateway.

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