Wet Wednesday cont.

Task number 2.

Ian Bushell reports on cutting back the set-aside on the northern edge of Village Green with brush cutters.

Our task was strimming the long grass in the set-aside area of Village Green near Owl Oak, and then removing new growth, mainly poplars and blackthorn, encroaching into the area. Whilst there, we saw two swallows flying southwards over Village Green and a jay.

We found this spider, picture attached. It is confirmed by Mark Bushell as an Araneus diadematus or European garden spider. It is also called a cross or diadem spider, orange cross spider or crowned orb weaver.

It’s very common, one of our largest spiders, and it’s responsible for the webs that are strung across garden paths and doorways overnight.  This one could well be a pregnant female and she’s happy enough for now but the frosts will kill her soon. This is a new species for the park and I will update our species list.

Pictures of spider by Ian Bushell

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