Working in the Orchard

By Ali Rasey

David, Clive, Ian and I worked in the Community Orchard during last week’s work party.  David had already done some pruning the previous week, so the task now was to clear around the trees to reduce competition from grasses, add stakes to prop up some of the leaning trees and a few tree guards to protect them from being nibbled (one of the trees we think has been favoured by small deer, or possibly used as a scratching post!) 

protective tree guards, careful brushcutting, and propping u[ leaning trees.

The orchard showed evidence of field voles which is very good news for the owls!  We used the brushcutter as there is quite a lot of grass to clear – but with care, to ensure we didn’t injure any small mammals living in the tussocky grass. 

We will need to continue with this task on our next working party.

Here is a post about Trowbridge’s Apple Festival, by David Feather who has been instrumental in establishing the Community Orchard.

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