Common orange lichen

Our quest to identify some of the many lichens that grow in the park continues with common orange lichen, Xanthoria parietina, also known as yellow scale or maritime sunburst lichen.

Common orange lichen is, as its name suggests, common and widespread. For preference it grows on bark and wood, as in these pictures from the park, but it also grows on rocks and walls: parietina is the Latin word for wall.

It is a very pollution-tolerant species that can live quite happily with exposure to air contaminants. It also grows on rocks near the shore so must be salt-tolerant as well.

Using Google to name just two or three of our common lichens has shown us just how many different species there are in the park and how little we know about them. The study of lichens is called lichenology, if anybody knows a lichenologist please tell them we need their help.

Pictures taken in the park January 2020

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