Weekend littering

By Sunday morning, after people had anticipated the easing of lockdown and celebrated it with picnics and Saturday night parties in the copses, the park was strewn with rubbish. Ian and Pat, on their regular Sunday morning stroll, picked up dozens of empty drinks cans and enough general trash to fill a big black bin bag.

Why do people do this? Why do people go to a local beauty spot and leave their rubbish behind? What do they think happens to their empty bottles and beer cans; do they think there are county employees who are paid to pick up after them? No; we are the people who pick up the rubbish.

Pat, Queen of the litter pickers, and some of the trash she picked up on Sunday.

We are volunteers, most of us pensioners in the at-risk age category, some of us with underlying medical conditions, all of us in much more danger from Covid-19 than the possibly asymptomatic picnickers and party goers who can’t be bothered to take their rubbish safely home.

We know there have been cases of Covid-19 in Southwick and Trowbridge and we know that the people who left their trash in the park’s copses are local and unlikely to have been social distancing. Even armed with a litter-picker and some hand sanitiser, we are aware that we are in danger. Every bottle, can or crisp packet thrown into the bushes is not just unsightly, it is a risk of infection.


5 thoughts on “Weekend littering

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  1. What a shame. Some people don’t seem to have any common sense. Well done for picking up after them but look after yourselves too.

  2. This discarded litter can also be a hazard to wildlife!

    I recently received a post showing a hedgehog that had become stuck in a Pringles tube and died.

  3. Hello Ian and Pat

    A big thank you for clearing up the mess that was left after Saturday evening’s Break Out. Hopefully, they will have got the need to celebrate out of their system. I have sent an e mail to Vicky, although I don’t suppose any watch can be offered by Wiltshire Council to prevent the uncaring behaviour of some. I hope Vicky passes this on to the local police.

    Thanks again on behalf of the SCP Friends for your hard work.

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