Some years ago, an area at the top of Kestrel Field was set aside from the rest of the field and its agricultural calendar. The reserve would be unmanageable without the help of our tenant farmer, but we also recognise that the twice yearly grass-cut does damage the habitat of some of our wildlife species.

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Weekend littering

By Sunday morning, after people had anticipated the easing of lockdown and celebrated it with picnics and Saturday night parties in the copses, the park was strewn with rubbish. Ian and Pat, on their regular Sunday morning stroll, picked up dozens of empty drinks cans and enough general trash to fill a big black bin bag.

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Mending fences

The county’s contractors have fixed the main gate, adjusted the lower entrance into Lambrok Meadow, put in a brand new oak gate post, and installed some new dragon’s teeth in the car park. Very nice.

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