Repairs and replacements

Countryside Officer Vicky Roscoe has been negotiating on our behalf and has wrung from the county’s coffers the means for a whole list of repairs and replacements.

The decorated bridge has been mended: there is a new post on the Cornfield side and the two missing panels have been re-installed. The bridge’s panels are beautiful wrought metalwork made specially for the park. Next time you cross the bridge, pause a while to take a good look.

In the long wet winter, gateposts at the allotment end of the park and in the picnic area finally rotted out, and the picnic area gate had sagged out into the circular pathway. The gateposts have been replaced and the picnic area gate, with new furnishings, has been rehung.

Somebody, with enormous persistence, has burned a hole right through one of the seats of the carved chair in Kestrel Field. The chair must be twenty five years old at least and is showing its age so, when replacement boards have been found to mend the damaged seats, it will be generally fixed and tidied up. Perhaps it will last another twenty five years.

Next comes ten new rubbish bins to replace those that are falling apart; these will be installed some time in the next four or five weeks. They are very sturdy with tops that will keep the crows, jackdaws and badgers out of the rubbish, and intriguingly, they seem to have advertising space on the front.

Finally, the hedge between the big pond and the circular footpath is very overgrown; it is beginning to obstruct the path and entirely blocks the view of the pond from Kestrel Field. It will be cut back and laid in August, when the bird nesting season is over.

Well done Vicky!

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    1. We were planning to name the little triangular field for Mary Stacey, but lockdown put everything on hold. When we are allowed to work in the park again, we might be able to do something about it.

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