Barbarea vulgaris

Barbarea vulgaris also called bittercress, herb barbara, rocketcress, yellow rocketcress, winter rocket, and wound rocket

A biennial or perennial plant preferring a damp places by rivers and streams. It likes our ditches and the tributary stream.

Conservation Status : The distribution of this species shows no appreciable change since 1962.

This article as first posted in May of 2019

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5 thoughts on “Barbarea vulgaris

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  1. It’s nice to find there is a plant that bears my name even if it is common and vulgaris!

    1. It was supposed to be just a smiley face, Barbara, because you are as far from common and vulgar as it is possible to get. Our web-host doesn’t like emojis though, so I am not too sure what reached you.

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