Mail from Ian Bushell:

“Bimbled round the park this morning.  Somebody is still trying to drain the boggy area in Lambrok Meadow but I reckon we can repair the damage easily enough. I wish whoever it is would give it a rest.

bimble/ˈbɪmb(ə)l/ informal
verb: walk or travel at a leisurely pace; past tense: bimbled; past participle: bimbled; gerund or present participle: bimbling :
noun: bimble; plural noun: bimbles: a leisurely walk or journey.

“I took a look at the pond; there is a roll of plastic net fencing I left tucked into the hedge line, but it has been thrown or dragged out into the mud.  I intended to use it to block the main ‘run’ that has been made by the dogs, but my boots leak. It will have to wait for a while.

The pond

“I have included a photo of a clump of what look like wild daffodils, which may be some of the ones we planted in 2018. These are at the bottom of Kestrel Field, on the edge of the copse near the pond, where we planted cowslips and violets last year. These daffs look like they are going to produce plenty of flowers this year.

“The main gate entrance been nicely repaired by the contractor; he also replaced the oak gatepost to the gate leading into the park.

Wild daffodils and the repaired main gate

“I met a couple by the pond with a young, grey, rough-haired Irish wolfhound. This is the man who reported last year that the panel from the decorated bridge had been thrown into the stream. I believe he emailed us saying they had two young yew trees for the park a couple of months ago. If we collect the trees this week, we can plant them at the next work party.

“I joined Ali Rasey (Countryside Officer) yesterday afternoon, checking over the Hope Nature Centre’s new parking area. I think one of the disease resistant elms we are getting should go into the new hedge on the bund between the parking area and Simpson’s Field.”


bund 1 /bʌnd/
noun: bund; plural noun: bunds
1. an embankment or causeway.

elm leaves and yew berries

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  1. Why would anyone want to drain this boggy area and are you now convinced they are human and not animal?

    1. Absolutely sure, Barbara. We are even 90% sure that we know who is doing it and 100% puzzled as to why he would do it. It’s very peculiar and we have worried that it might be a metal health issue, like the person who insists on feeding the pigeons (and the rats) around Trowbridge, no matter what the authorities say or do.

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