A post from Southwick Court

Simon Tesler writes:

I’m the owner of the historic II* listed property of Southwick Court itself.

The proposed planning application has nothing to do with us – we don’t own the fields around our house, and we are strongly opposed to the development plan. We are very concerned, like everyone else, about the impact on our house and land from run-off from the development into the Lambrok and our lake.

Pictures of Southwick Court moat taken by Simon Tesler

Because of its position as a sheltered, partly wooded area in the middle of 100 acres of open fields, we tend to attract a very substantial number of wild animals. We see foxes and deer virtually every week; see (and especially hear!) owls regularly, especially at the moment; bats in the summer and pheasant in the mating season.

Herons are regular visitors and we have pairs of resident kingfishers and moorhens, as well as a large number of water voles living in and around the lake in the centre of our land, and we have seen otters three or four times in the past five years. They must be here quite often, though, because we regularly find freshwater clams from the lake, split open and left on the bank. I’m not sure any other animals except otters (and mink) do this…

1. water vole; 2; otter; 3 roe deer

Just as damaging to biodiversity and the habitat will be the chaos that will be caused by the proposed access road leading to the development. The plan envisages just one road in and out of an estate of 180 houses, running from Frome Road opposite the Country Park through that field and up towards the development. Imagine the impact from another 180 cars a day joining the traffic on Frome Road! If you share our concerns, please take a moment to make your voice heard by commenting on the application on the Council’s website.

The Header picture is of the lake at Southwick Court, taken by Simon Tesler

More about the plans for development at Southwick Court:

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  1. Yes I will be commenting on the Planning Application on the Council’s website as I did on all the WHSAP sites that border the Lambrok waterway. We cannot consider any site in isolation, any pollution of the Lambrok on any of these sites will pass to all sites downstream.
    Also the number of cars using this proposed road is likely to be far higher than 180 as most homes these days have more than one car.
    The pictures of the moat at Southwick Court are beautiful.

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