Vandalism in Village Green

The teenagers who burned the ash poles in the western corner of Village Green have taken to snapping off trees.

The fire place in the clearing is getting bigger and to fuel their fires, the group has cleared the ground around it of dead wood; they have broken and cut branches from the trees and, on Tuesday, were seen snapping off a young oak tree. Nearby, another young tree had been pulled over in what looked like an attempt to uproot it.

[1] The ground has been cleared to feed the fire; [2] trees have been ring barked; [3] the knife has left clear marks where the bark has been cut off.

A closer look around the clearing yesterday revealed a lot more damage to the trees; the bark has been stripped from many by somebody with a knife or a chisel and several have been ring barked, something which will always kill the tree.

This is criminal damage, the police have been informed and have said that they will begin regular patrols in this area. PCSO Mat Till has said that any information, names or photographs that we can send him will all be useful. His email address is; our contact details are on the main menu bar.

If anybody knows or even suspects who is doing this, please help us make it stop. There seems to have been a disturbing escalation to the level of damage done and a worrying obsession about attacking trees with knives. People who have seen the group have called them very intimidating.

That corner of Village Green has always been a place where children play and build dens. The park should be a place of safety and tranquillity in these difficult times; nobody should be frightened to walk in the woods.

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More about ring barking:

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      1. wondering , … farms use cctv. is there a different system they use that covers a larger out door area? also would you get a grant to cover the cost? , might be worth investigating . i cant see the issue of vandals improving, any time soon so …litter is up to everyone to dispose of properly, and i think most respect this and do , could reg users, not take a litter picker and a bag with them and use ? ide certainly do that , as it costs nothing and would make a huge difference , also children would love to do it ( maybe) our open spaces have been a god send in the last few months, and continue to be, doesnt hurt to say thank you for being there, by caring for it , even in a small way

    1. The litter situation is difficult: we can’t encourage people to pick up litter when it might be contaminated with Coronavirus. We daren’t pick it up ourselves unless we are kitted out with gloves and litter pickers. It’s the new normal and we will think of something, meanwhile let’s encourage everybody to take their litter home with them.

  1. Yes a trail camera, somewhere out of sight and out of reach may be the answer. Some do not have lights so as not to alert wildlife (or vandals) and as they say a picture paints a thousand words. Unfortunately they are expensive, could you perhaps borrow one from a local wildlife organisation?

    Sadly, it seems likely that if not stopped this mindless vandalism will only get worse.

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