Who is doing this?

We have been sent pictures this afternoon of newly damaged goat willow trees in Sleepers Field. Who is doing this?

Who is it spending their lockdown time climbing into our trees with a sharp blade? If you know anything about this, please report it.

UPDATE: On closer inspection this looks as if it may be squirrel damage. We apologise to the Village Green Vandals for jumping to conclusions. We have sent the photographs to our Tree Officer.

Our email address is friedsofscp@outlook.com
PCSO Mat Till’s email address is Matthew.Till@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk.
Mat is a member of Community Policing Team 1, which can be contacted on 101 ext 36337 or on 07471029309.

14 thoughts on “Who is doing this?

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  1. This vandalism is really getting out of hand, if left unchecked who knows where it may lead! The earlier vandalism where cows escaped onto the Frome Road could have been disastrous! Is there nothing more the police can do?

    1. The police are going to patrol more often – but unless the perpetrators are seen and identified there is very little anybody can do. The park is big, contains a lot of hidey holes and often is nearly empty: the perfect place for devilment. I thought at first that lockdown had been good for our wildlife but the aftershock is proving quite damaging.

  2. After a bit of research I’m still pretty convinced it’s squirrels. I’ve seen the damage they can cause and how it can look like damage caused by humans especially at this time of year.

    1. I apologise, Sarah; you may well be right and I have deleted the post in which I told you that you were wrong. I have looked at the trees in Sleepers this evening and, unlike the trees in the Village Green woods, there are no apparent knife marks. It could well be squirrels; I will put it to our Tree Officer and see what he says.

  3. There was one like this on our walk to sheerwater from heavens gate today , our dog went nuts around that area as she saw a squirrel .. sorry no photo

  4. Is the bark left there or removed, im thinking if removed how would they move it from the tree to wherever , carry it? would they need transport, to then take it onto wherever . was it done in the dark of night? if daytime, someone must of seen something, esp as its the weekend , what would anyone want with this bark ? is it always in that one field …………… ?

    1. No, the bark is just left there. It could be squirrels because they are not interested in the bark; they are after the sap underneath. I thought there were knife marks on the tree but I went to look and now I am not so sure. I will ask our Tree Officer and if he says it’s squirrels, I will apologise to the Village Green Vandals tomorrow.

  5. With the tree in Queen Elizabeth Field, the bark was left around the foot of the tree, but there are the marks of whatever instrument was used to strip the bark off, certainly not squirrels 🐿 tiny teeth in this case!

    1. Yes, we have trees in Village Green woods that quite clearly have been stripped by somebody with a knife or a large chisel. Unfortunately, having made a loud fuss about the latest episode of vandalism, I am now beginning to think that this time, it might be squirrels.

  6. i hope it is squirrels , vandals ,and vandal is too good a word for them , i can think of other names , don’t deserve any apology, kick up the backside and a clip round the ear, but of course thats not allowed, so just call them naughty boys/ girls, pat them on the head and tell them not to do it again!. and when they grow, and they have children, and they take their offspring to the local park to see the beauty of nature, and run around in the woods , i hope they remember ………. doubt it though

  7. We have also had a lot of this on Studley Green,Trowbridge over the last few years.Older kids mostly to teenagers. Sometimes the trees are attacked low down but most of them have been well above ground level.

  8. Our Tree Officer, Rich Murphy, agrees that this looks a lot like squirrel damage. It seems astonishing that such a small creature can cause such a huge amount of damage.

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