We apologise to the Village Green Vandals. After a closer examination, we are beginning to think that the goat willow trees in Sleepers Field were actually stripped of their bark by squirrels.

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  1. It is really surprising how much damage squirrels can do to trees. There are 3 or 4 squirrels using the gardens of houses bordering the fields in Blind Lane but I have never seen damage to trees. Is this because they eat the food we put out for birds? Not really an option for you. Also although we see baby squirrels in the spring we don’t see an increase in total squirrel number, thank goodness. Why is this? Predation by owls or buzzards perhaps?

    1. There are many theories: lactating females after a sugar boost; growing juveniles after a calcium boost; displacement activity for aggressive and territorial males. Goat willows are thin barked and very sappy; when I went to look for myself, the wood where the bark had been stripped away was still moist with sap and tasted sweet.

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