Resurfacing the car park

You may have noticed the enormous heap of road-planings that spent a while in the far corner of the car park taking up several parking spaces.

Last week they were used to resurface the main car park, to establish a paved track through the bottom of the Arboretum where the rubbish lorry turns, and to fill some of our muddiest patches.

The car park had to be closed for a few days because the weather was too hot for the planings to harden properly. Thank you for your patience.

Hopefully, the new surface will see us safely through the coming winter.

4 thoughts on “Resurfacing the car park

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  1. Looks good, no more holes. I haven’t been for a while with my dogs because people moan to much which is shame. It’s a lovely place. Parking will be much better 😀

    1. We do our best. Wiltshire Council teeters on the edge of bankruptcy and the Countryside Team manages the place on such a tiny budget that it takes some really creative thinking to get anything done.

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