Another tiny creature!

Simon Knight has sent us a beautiful picture of one of the park’s tiny creatures in the wet grass.

Email from Simon Knight:

I have attached a picture of an insect that I took at the Country Park and I wondered if you could help me with identifying it for my records please? I know it’s nothing special, but I’m really getting into insects now, so I’d love to know.

Kind regards.

Email from Ian Bushell

Hi Simon,
It is a true bug of the Miridae family the largest family of bugs in the UK. Possibly either Stenotus binotatus [Timothy Grass Bug] or Leptopterna dolabrata [Meadow Plant Bug].  It is a male being fully winged, females are partly winged.  Both are common and widespread throughout the UK, feeding on a variety of grasses.  Both are active  from June to Sep/Oct. Both are less than 10mm long as adults so very good to find and get such an excellent photograph. Hope this helps.


Please, do send your photographs of the park, its fauna, flora and fungi to us at You don’t have to know what you are photographing (we can usually help with identity) but we would love to know what you see in the park’s fields and woodlands.

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