Handbrake turns

Please, don’t do handbrake turns in our car park!

At the weekend, somebody churned up our nice, newly surfaced car park by doing handbrake turns on it. The car park was surfaced with planings during the summer and we had hoped that, with some care from park users and a little attention from the Friends, it would last for years.

We know that whoever did this, in an empty car park, after dark, probably meant no harm at all. However, the new surface has been damaged, broken up into ruts that are now filled with water. The water, over the winter, will continue to break up the hard surface until there are potholes once more.

If you know anybody who has been practising their handbrake turns in our car park of an evening, please ask them not to do it again. If you see or hear cars obviously misusing the car park, treating it as a dirt track, please report it to the police.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Handbrake turns

  1. Yes I seen the young lad and his girlfriend doing this last about 5 times as I was getting ready for my walk I tried to get a photo of his car but he drove of as out the carpark at speed!

    1. What a shame you didn’t get the registration number. We guessed it would be somebody very young, male and with reason to show off – and we were right. Thanks for telling us.

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