Snowy morning

by Simon Knight

It was lovely to see the covering of snow on Sunday morning. It never fails to bring back those childhood memories of excited anticipation about getting out outside and playing in it, but maybe that’s just me! I got over to the park at around 8:30am, and although the light was dull, it was lovely to see the park covered in a blanket of white. 

I was on a mission to try to get some landscape shots of the park in what could quite possibly be the only covering of snow it sees this year. But having a wide-angle lens on the camera puts me out of my comfort zone, and I have no problem admitting that I am a rubbish landscape photographer. Give me a macro lens or a zoom and put birds, insects, flowers or mushrooms in front of the lens and I am much happier. But I tried my best, despite the poor light and boring sky (I may be bad at landscape photography, but I have good excuses!) and I think I came away with a couple of images that captured the mood of the park. 

It was nice to see families enjoying the park, with multiple snowball fights taking place and snowmen appearing as the morning crept on. It was also nice to see the snow hiding all of the mud that this very wet couple of months has brought to the park. I did manage to briefly get back into my comfort zone with a ‘bird on a stick’ shot. It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but the background looks somewhat wintery, so I will call it a win. As I write this on Monday morning, I’m looking out of the window to a brilliant blue sky. Why couldn’t we have had this sky yesterday! 

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