Last week, we posted a piece about camouflage, in which we cited our newly discovered wasp spider as an example of a harmless species dressing up in the black and yellow stripes that so many creatures use to signal that they are dangerous. Then we watched BBC’s Winterwatch and there is a picture at 2:20 that suggests we may have been mistaken. We apologise for the error…..

We can think of only one other UK example of invertebrates eating vertebrates: the ferocious aquatic nymphs of the larger dragonflies hunting and eating tadpoles and even small fish, a drama that must be playing out in the depths of our ponds every year.

The stunning header picture was taken in the park in 2020 by Simon Knight

2 thoughts on “Erratum

  1. I also saw that on Winterwatch and I was shocked. I wonder if anyone has been bitten and how much it hurts?

    And to think, there were times last year when I had my nose only a couple of inches away from them! I have a couple of interesting ideas with the Wasp Spiders this year, so I will be extra careful!

    1. I agree; I photographed one in the set-aside at the top of Kestrel Field, on my knees, hunched over the web – and I am arachnophobic! I prefer not to think about how much it might hurt to be bitten by one.

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