Weird facts about robins

Robin skins became popular decoration for ladies’ hats during the late 19th Century.

In the mid 19th Century, the first British postmen wore red coats, and so were nicknamed robin.

Again in the 19th Century, attempts were made to introduce robins to Australia and New Zealand but they all failed.

If judged by ring-returns, the most frequent cause of a robin’s death is apparently being killed by a cat.

Each robin has a unique breast pattern, from which it can be individually identified.

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  1. It’s awful to think that in the past women thought it was attractive to wear dead animals. When I was young my Mum had what to me looked like a dried dead fox with glass eyes meant to be worn around the shoulders with a coat. Thankfully I never saw her wear it!

  2. My grandmother had an arctic fox fur stole. Under it’s poor jaw it had a tortoiseshell clip that she clipped to its tail when she wore it round her neck; it looked as though it was biting its tail. I was fascinated and horrified all at the same time

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