Things to do

Let’s focus on the environment this summer; let’s learn a little, make a contribution of some kind. Here are some ideas.

Sign up for a free online lecture, Festival of Nature 2021, on 2 June 2021, 6.00pm to 7.00pm. In this lecture, Dr Katherine Burgess, Principal Adviser of The People and Nature Survey for England, will present findings from the People and Nature Survey, a vital source of information on how people experience and think about the environment in England. 

Join the Friends of Southwick Country Park Nature Reserve tomorrow and help us look after the reserve. We meet every Wednesday in the car park at 9.30am. You can email us at, text or leave voicemail on 07747 408798, or just turn up and join in. Ian is in charge of the paperwork and the tools. You will need sturdy footwear and a flask of your preferred mid-morning tipple.

Volunteer with Melksham’s Conigre Mead Nature Reserve volunteer group which meets every third Saturday of the month from 10am to 12.30pm. The next meeting will be on Saturday June 19th. Contact: for details.

Return to the seventies with an enchantingly young David Attenborough and watch Life on Earth on BBC iPlayer.

Become a citizen scientist with iRecord. Sign up and record your wildlife sightings this summer; they will be checked by experts and added to millions of other records that contribute to our understanding of our damaged environment and how we might save it.

Have fun; stay safe.

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