Bonfire Night damage

Over the weekend, the main notice board at the entrance has been damaged and somebody appears to have held a firework party somewhere in the park.

The perspex on the front of the notice board has been broken. We aren’t sure how, but it must have taken considerable force to achieve. The damage seems to be the outcome of a single blow: a stray firework perhaps?

The main noticeboard in the spring of 2019, this weekend’s damage and the packaging from some large fireworks.

And somebody held a firework party. They left the packaging by the bins in the car park and we do appreciate the impulse not to leave litter in the park but we really don’t know what makes anybody think that a Local Nature Reserve is the right place for a firework party in the first place.

Every day brings us fresh news of the damage we are we are inflicting on wildlife habitat. Let’s look after this precious piece of greenspace and the many creatures that live in it.

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