Toy Story in the Park

by David Feather

Get your children creative with their favourite teddy or other toy character.

Take it on a walk to the Country Park. Start with your leaving home, photographing the toy on the doorstep. Then photograph him/her in different places on the walk, like peeping through bushes, hiding up trees, pointing the way home, crossing the decorated bridge or sniffing the late-flowering ragwort – see where your walk, and your imagination, takes you! Importantly, do not lose the toy on your way home.

Does your bear enjoy [1] hiding up trees or [2] resting on the sofa at the end of the day?
All pictures from the Public Domain

Once home you can print out the photos and staple them together to make a book. Your child can then write an imaginative story of the toy’s walk, noting what they did, saw and how they felt. Maybe the toy enjoys a rest on the sofa at the end of the day. You could repeat this in different seasons to notice the changes.

And………. if your son or daughter likes a particular picture or is particularly proud of their story, send it to our website and we can publish it for others to enjoy. We do appreciate the contributions from our viewers. The Country Park is a community asset and community involvement is very important.

(Based on a Paths for All initiative)

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