Little egret

Clive Knight has sent us pictures of the little egret (Egretta garzetta) that has been visiting the reserve for the past couple of weeks.

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  1. Lovely photo…..
    There’s a pair of them and they can frequently be seen in the farmers field adjacent to Lambrok Road x

  2. I saw one of them just an hour ago by the pond then it flew off into the field, then departed, a beautiful bird!

  3. One of these little egrets or a friend, can often be seen in the fields behind Blind Lane where two branches of the River Lambrok converge. For about 5 years egrets have arrived here in early spring. a few days ago as I approached the river I surprised a little egret hidden by the undergrowth. Startled, it flew up into my face, I don’t know who was the most shocked. At about 3.30pm every afternoon an egret flies across the fields towards Goose Street. To roost at the Nature Reserve perhaps?

  4. At the beginning of the 80s I lived near salt marshes on the south coast and a visiting egret was such a rarity, it attracted twitchers with telephoto lenses. Let’s hope this is a pair looking for a nest site.

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