Here are Sarah Gould’s videos of little egrets in Lambrok Meadow, a pair that has been visiting the park regularly.

She messaged us:

I’m pleased to say that yesterday I saw TWO Egrets at the county park down by the Lambrok stream.
The footage is poor as I only had my phone and I had it on full zoom. But I thought you’d be pleased to know. Hopefully they are a breeding couple

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  1. I saw two yesterday in the field behind Chantry Gardens. I also only had my phone, but managed to catch one in flight.

  2. Brilliant….
    I have a friend who really likes birds….he’ll ❤️ this

  3. I think we saw a tufted duck flying low over the river at Tellisford today. Has one ever been spotted in SCP?

    1. No, we haven’t seen tufted duck in or over the reserve. It would be lovely to see them but I just don’t think we have enough open water to attract them.

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