Please: no motorbikes

There have been reports of motorbikes being ridden in the reserve’s fields. The tyre tracks are mostly in Corn Field and Village Green and seem to show that the bikes enter and leave by the bridge into Lambrok Close. The only motorised vehicles allowed in the park are those maintenance vehicles authorised by Wiltshire Council, and mobility vehicles.

We need eyes and ears on high alert so that the motorbike riders are reported to the community police while they are still in the park. Pictures will help, as long as nobody puts themselves in any danger to take pictures, and registration numbers, if the motorbikes have registration numbers: the problem seems to have arisen since Christmas, which suggests the motorbikes could be Christmas presents for people too young to ride them on the road.

Our community police officer is PCSO Mat Till. Here are his contact details:
Community Policing Team 1
Landline: 101 ext 36337;  Mobile: 07471029309

The park is a Local Nature Reserve. The turf that is being churned up by the motorbike tyres is habitat for hundreds of species of plants and thousands of species of invertebrates. Wiltshire’s Countryside Team, the Friends of Southwick Country Park and the park’s tenant farmer have all worked for many years to improve the fields as wildlife habitat, a precious resource at the moment. Please, please, treat them with care

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