Dog poop in the park

Here’s a post from Sarah to add to the dog discussion.

A few times I have approached people who haven’t picked up their dog poo and just left it in the middle of the field. They’ve explained to me, “There’s no point picking it up if it’s just in the grass and not on the pathways.”
And I explain to them that when the grass gets long enough, it is cut, baled and made in to hay for animal feed. Everyone I have spoken to about this has told me they had absolutely no idea that this happened.

I used to keep horses and have seen so many problems over the years where horses have either eaten poo bags that have been tangled up in amongst their hay or have ingested so much dog poo that it’s made them ill needing veterinary intervention.

Obviously it’s not just horses that get fed the hay from your fields but I feel not many people understand what happens to the grass once it’s cut – including all the dog poo in amongst it. Sometimes, I would like to ask them if they would feed their dog on food with poo in it, if they would feed their family food with poo in it. Why should we feed our livestock and pet rabbits food with poo and poo bags in it because they aren’t conscientious enough to pick up after their dogs.

I’ve seen your note on the main gate about responsible dog ownership. Have you considered if it would be worth adding a note about the fact that the grass is turned to animal feed so to please pick up after your dog? It might help some people understand a bit more rather than thinking it’s just a field of grass. I think educating folk is definitely the way to go, otherwise it all tends to fall on deaf ears.


Dogs are part of the life cycle of organisms that cause diseases in farm animals: neosporosis and sarcocystosis. In dogs, they rarely cause symptoms, are hard to diagnose and almost impossible to treat, but the parasites’ eggs will be present in the dogs’ faeces. In cattle or sheep who become infected by eating feed contaminated by faeces, these parasites can induce abortion, cause neurological problems, and even result in the death of the animal. Sarcocystosis and neosporosis are caused by the same organisms that, in horses, can cause equine protozoal meningitis.

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  1. As a dog walked in the country park it really annoys me seeing dog poo left around.

    1. David Elliott: I thought the main purpose of this country park was take your dog to shit!

      1. Jonathan Hewitt:
        In our case, to give them a good run, and yes but bag it and bin it!

  2. Be responsible dog owners, there are plenty of bins around, pick it up and bin it. Dont throw the bag in a tree or bush, thats even worse than leaving it. Remember kids like to run in the fields too, watch your dogs and pick up.

    1. Yes; children come to the park to play. Leaving your dog’s faeces in the grass, where families picnic or where toddlers run around, is just anti-social. The comments we have received in the past two weeks from park-goers about dogs in the reserve make it quite clear that out-of-control dogs and anti-social owners are not welcome.

  3. Dog poop also has a negative impact on biodiversity in Nature Reserves by putting too much nutrient into the soil. I almost kneeled in some poop this morning whilst doing a bit of Photography, not nice!

    1. How horrible for you, Simon. The point you make about soil nutrients is important, though. There are people who drive into the car park, let their dogs out for a poop, call the dogs back to the car and drive away again. All you have to do is walk out of the car park and into Lambrok Meadow to see the difference that all that dog poop makes – the grasses are coarser, there are more docks and nettles and many fewer wildflower species. Please pick up.

  4. Does anyone ever have anything nice to say about responsible dog owners in the park. There are actually more of us than the irresponsible ones. I’m going to suggest that the minority of people with “out of control” dogs who may not clear up don’t care about the park. So I think it is unlikely they would take the time to follow this group and join in these discussions. Its making me very sad every week to see more negativity about dog walkers.

    1. Georgia Hoad exactly the majority are good dog owners and respectful of others around them!

    2. No, nobody is speaking up for responsible dog owners. Everybody is very cross about irresponsible dog owners and this website has given them the chance to shout about it.

  5. Sadly in my experience, and not just in SCP, the majority of dog owners are not all that nice, especially if you have something to say about the dogs or their behaviour, or responsible. It is definitely a minority 😢. Def not dogs fault though, they are just doing what they do. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer apart from keeping away which saddens me but I’m not prepared to take the risk with my young kids.

    1. Please message/email me with a name that I can add to your comment. We usually delete anonymous comments but this debate about dogs in the reserve has raised such important issues that I am reluctant to delete any part of it.

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