Meet the Robin Family

by Cheryl Cronnie

There’s a little story behind the robin in this picture, whom I’ve called Rocky Robin. I’ve been feeding him since the end of August 2021. 

I was taking him suet pellets. On every visit I would call his name, Rocky, and he would come out to meet me every time.  On Christmas Eve, I thought I’d treat him with live mealworms, which he loved, and I continued to do so right up till this week when I introduced him to the dried ones, which I soak for half an hour before I take them to him.

All images taken in the reserve by Cheryl Cronnie

I just presumed he was a boy and at the beginning of spring he introduced me to his girlfriend, which was amazing as he was feeding her in front of me. She also got used to me coming.

I knew they had babies by the amount of meal worms they were grabbing and coming backward and forward many times for more. Today they brought one of their babies to meet me. I was over the moon and hope to meet the rest of the family at some point.

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  1. It’s lovely how Rocky has got to know Cheryl. I have walked the reserve with Cheryl many times and Rocky always appears when we get to his area of the reserve. I am convinced that Rocky actually recognises Cheryl!

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