Grass fire

Email from Ian Bushell:

Phil R reported that there was a small fire that affected part of the heritage orchard late Saturday afternoon. The Fire Services attended. Some trees singed but they should be recover. The fire appeared to start near the bench and then spread into the orchard.

Email from Countryside Officer Ali Rasey:

Thanks Ian. If it remains dry, I wonder if the remaining long grass in the orchard should be strimmed and removed in an upcoming work party task?  I guess the grass would then be best left somewhere spread out away from trees/hedges.  However if the rains come today then that should do the job for us. 
 Could you please let David F know about the fire as he’s done a lot to get the orchard established.  Really hoping the trees are OK.

Please, please be careful.

UPDATE: We now know who set the grass fire in the Heritage Orchard. The matter had been reported to the police. Our thanks for everybody’s concern.

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