Bluebell time

Header image by DKG; all the photographs were taken in the reserve

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  1. A place carpeted by bluebells is a place I want to see. I’m am pretty certain it will take my breath away .

    On a side note, I have been living in the same block of flats for 3 years, and this year, I’ve noticed the sporadic distribution of bluebells. They have literally sprouted everywhere! On my way to work, I’ve noticed them growing left, right and

    1. Oops pressed the wrong button. Left, right and centre. The past 2 years wasn’t like this. They’re very beautiful to look at, I must admit.

      1. A change in light, a felled tree, exactly the right temperature and rainfall in the spring will all result in sudden bluebells. Or maybe you have a guerrilla gardener somewhere in the neighbourhood.

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